The onset of COVID-19 forced the entire world to shift.  Schools, formal institutions of learning, and informal educational exchanges have all shifted.  When it comes to language learning, we know that exposure to and immersion within a language creates natural opportunities for language acquisition and practice.  We learn from body language, facial expressions, and watching others interact with each other.  Without the ability to engage directly with native speakers, it is invaluable to create resources that allow English language learners to continue practicing the language.

While there are opportunities for online classes, these models don’t always make the list of an individual’s main priorities – especially during this time where folks are losing jobs, parents are stepping in as teachers, and food and safety are on the forefront of most people’s minds.  The goal of these specific ESLforEquality resources is to provide low-tech, relevant, and motivating opportunities to practice English during this time of social distance.  If you are a teacher, tutor, or friend of and English language learner, these resources will allow you to stay connected through language practice without the use of a printer or copier.  If you are an English language learner, these fillable worksheets will allow you to practice important and relevant language points.  Exercises are available through a desktop or laptop.  Unfortunately they are not mobile friendly.  Answer keys are provided.

Human Body                                                      Human Body Answer Key

Subject Pronouns and Verb To Be                   Subject Pronouns and Verb To Be Answer Key

To be & Family                                                   To be and Family

What is the Date?                                             What is the Date? Answer Key

What is the Weather?                                     What is the Weather? Answer Key

Health and Safety                                              Health and Safety Answer Key

In the Home                                                        In the Home Answer Key

Wh- Questions                                                   Wh- Questions Answer Key

Money and Employment                                  Money and Employment Answer Key

Employment                                                       Employment Answer Key (answers may vary)

Job Application

Tell Me About Yourself                                     Tell Me About Yourself Answer Key

Numbers                                                             Numbers Answer Key

Telling Time                                                        Telling Time Answer Key

COVID-19 is disproportionately affecting immigrant and refugee populations.  This is due to a variety of factors including employment opportunities, access to healthcare, and access to information. As we continue to keep our distance to ensure lives are saved and the curve is flattened, let us continue learning, connecting, and creating strong and supportive communities.

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