Download the resource here: ENGLISH FOR SWAHILI SPEAKERS

January of 2017 brought about enormous change. As a new administration was sworn in, thousands of refugees mourned the loss of jobs, freedom, and opportunity. Among these mourners is Bikobiko Mto, a highly-qualified English language instructor who worked diligently for over 2 years as a teacher within Nyarugusu refugee camp.

As a resident of Nyarugusu, Biko watched thousands of people struggle with the loss of basic education programs, including English language training. Rather than mourn with them, he struggled for them. Biko saw a need for an English language curriculum accessible to Swahili speakers within the camp as well as those outside of the confines. As a highly skilled and highly educated instructor, Biko created this curriculum with very few resources. His curriculum covers dozens of topics and displays them in an accessible and authentic way.

With the help of generous and big-picture thinkers like you, we raised enough money to get this book printed.

If you or anyone you know would benefit from this amazing resource, please follow the link above to access the curriculum or reach out to me directly to see how we can get you a copy.

Thank you again to all who supported this project.  More importantly, thank you Biko for spearheading this invaluable resource and continuing the fight for access to equitable education.

Read Bikobiko Mto’s biography here: Bikobiko Mto Biography

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