“The limits of my language are the limits of my world.”

Though the United States does not have a designated official or “national” language, it is well understood that English is the de facto form of communication.  In order to successfully engage in commerce, socialize, and navigate the physical environment, English is necessary.  Thousands of refugee and immigrant populations seek a new start in the United States every year, each with his or her own understanding and grasp of the English language.

Welcome PageESL for Equality was created as a resource tool for teachers, friends, mentors, community members, and advocates working to ensure all refugees, immigrants, and non – English speakers have the best chance for success in the USA.

The ESL Resources section contains printable ideas and materials meant to assist anyone working directly with low – level English speakers, either individually or in a group setting.  Teachers are encouraged to be creative and utilize the materials in any way that benefits English language learners.