These days, the majority of our daily interaction happens virtually.  Now, more than ever, it is essential to ensure that English language learners have access digital literacy training.  While there are many computer literacy programs offered online, through community centers, and in institutions of higher learning, there are far fewer training programs on smartphones.  Studies show that immigrants and refugees arriving in the United States are far more likely to have a smartphone than a computer.  The ability to effectively use a mobile phone, combined with the vocabulary necessary to navigate the mobile space, can significantly increase language acquisition, independence, problem solving, quality of life, and so much more.

SmallScreens is an organization created to train individuals on basic phone usage.  Topics such as charging a phone, making a call, and creating a contact are all taught explicitly, with a focus on breaking down the vocabulary.  Check out the presentation below for a preview of what is covered in the SmallScreens Smartphone Basics training.

For access to the full, free training, please enter your information here and the entire presentation, plus PDF, will be emailed to you.

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