Download the resource here: Food

These materials can be used to practice names of food, singular vs. plural, ordering at a restaurant, and “like/don’t like.”

Page 1: The food pictured on page 1 can be used to teach the concept of singular vs. plural.  Explain that typically when there is more than 1 of a noun (person, place, or thing), we add an ‘s’.  Exceptions include the word ‘bread’.

Pages 2 & 3: Use pages 2 and 3 to practice dialogue related to ordering at a restaurant.  The food pictured are the options available.  Work with students to create a dialogue between server and customer and then act it out.

Pages 4 & 5: Use the smiley and frown faces to explain “like” and “don’t like”.  Put the smile on one side of the room and the frown on the other.  Ask “Do you like…?” questions and walk to the appropriate side of the room to answer.  These can be used to practice other “Do you like…?” questions outside of food.

Refer to the Student Workbook page 8 for further practice.

Refer to the Flashcard Book page 11 for further practice.

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