Download the resource here: Health

These materials can be used to practice vocabulary and concepts related to the human body, health, and common ailments.

Page 1: Cut out each body part card.  Draw an outline of a human body or use a volunteer (child, friend, etc.) as an example.  Use tape to label specific body parts on either the drawing or the person.  This activity can be repeated many time with different levels of assistance.

Pages 2 – 4: Cut out the vocabulary as well as the images.  Match the vocabulary with the corresponding picture.  Create sentences using “I have…” or “I am…”

Pages 5 &6:  Use the images on these pages to expand on common ailments.  Role play doctor visits and how to explain ailments to health care professionals.

Refer to the Student Workbook pages 9 – 11 for further practice.

Refer to the Flashcard Book page 8 for further practice.

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