These materials can be used to practice answering and asking the question, “Where are you going?” as well as practicing giving and receiving directions using direction vocabulary and prepositions of location.

Download the resource here: Directions

Pages 1 – 5: These pages contain pictures of people going places.  Use the images to practice the question, “Where is/are he/she/they going?”  This lesson will be a review of pronouns as well as an introduction to place names.

Page 6: Cut out the three directions.  If working at a desk or table, secure the directions in the appropriate place on the work space.  Have students stand and practice giving them directions to “turn right”, “go straight”, “stop”, etc.

Pages 7 &8: Page 7 is a simple handout worksheet to exemplify different prepositions of location.  Utilize real examples with real objects in the room to ensure understanding.   Page 8 shows examples without the correct preposition of location, allowing students to identify which they believe the picture shows.

Refer to the Student Workbook page 7 for further practice.

Refer to the Flashcard Book page 10 & 18 for further practice.

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