These materials can be used to explain the different parts of an American address by practicing them using identification cards.

Download the resource here: Address

Pages 1 & 2:  Use these images to explain the difference between a house and an apartment.

Page 3: Use this page to teach the different parts of an American address:

(number + street + apartment number (optional) + city + state + zip code)

Explain that this order is very important.  Cut out the cards and instruct students to arrange them in the correct order.  Utilize this time to talk about common address abbreviations (St., Ave., S., Blvd., etc).

Pages 4 – 7: Use these pages as a review to the parts of an address.  Show the pages and have students identify the part of the address in question.

Pages 8 – 10: Cut out the ID cards on these pages.  Use these IDs as a chance to review several questions, i.e. “What is her name?”  “What is his address?”  “When is her birthday?”



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