Download the resource here: Personal Information Questions

The following materials can be used to practice asking and answering personal information questions.

Page 1: Cut the questions into strips and use the visuals to ensure student understanding of the question.  You can start by asking the question and answering it yourself, in a short or complete sentence (depending on the abilities of the student).  Then, ask the student to answer.  Finally, have the student ask you the question.  More advanced students can practice writing the answers.

Page 2: Page 2 is meant to give more vocabulary to answer the question, “How are you?”  The cards can be cut out and used within a memory or matching game.  They can also be used to create complete sentences, i.e. “I am hungry.”

Page 3: This activity is meant as a review once personal information questions have been mastered.  The activity can be completed orally or written.  Students should first answer each question themselves and then ask either the teacher, a family member, or someone else capable in English.

Refer to the Student Workbook pages 1, 3, & 6 for further practice.

Refer to the Flashcard Book pages 7 & 9 for further practice.

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