Download the resource here: Family

The following materials can be used to practice family vocabulary.

Page 1: Use the activity on page 1 as a chance to bring in pictures of your own family.  Explain the relationships by using family vocabulary (i.e. “This is my brother.”) Proceed to write the family member’s name in the corresponding box.  Students can then fill in their own.  Be mindful that talk of family may cause feelings of distress or traumatic memories for students.  Be sensitive to this and adapt as necessary.

Pages 2 & 3:  The images on these pages correspond with the activity on page 3 of the Student Workbook.  Use these larger images to reinforce the activity as well as review family vocabulary after students have mastered the content.

Refer to the Student Workbook pages 3 & 6 for further practice.

Refer to the Flashcard Book page 6 for further practice.

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